Oregon launches transparency website for state finances, programs, services

Oregon transparency website

The State of Oregon announced Thursday the launch of what it calls the Oregon Transparency Website. The State says it includes information and resources on public meetings, public records, state salaries, revenue, budgets and more.

The site was launched Dec. 13 by Enterprise Information Services.

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Here are more details in a statement from the State of Oregon.

In 2009, through the approval of House Bill 2500, Oregon state government enacted the Oregon Transparency Program and website legislation. The program created an open resource where website visitors can access details on how the state is spending tax dollars and information on programs and services that provide investments back into Oregon’s economy.

The Transparency Oregon Advisory Commission (TOAC) was created to advise on website content and information. The Commission consists of state senators, state representatives, Legislative Fiscal Office staff, as well as state agency and public members. 

Enterprise Information Services’ Data Governance and Transparency Program focused efforts in 2023 to redesign the website to include updated content, more user-friendly navigation, and a new design to promote greater interactivity and transparency for the public. The process included insight from current users, agencies, committees and site analytics to improve the user’s experience.

Chief Data Officer Kathryn Darnall Helms, the director of Data Governance and Transparency, says the new site is “a significant improvement in how we get valuable information and data out to our constituents, and is but one part of how we are pushing for greater transparency and more open data within Oregon state government.”


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