OSP shares story about helping dog that wandered onto training course

OSP dog rescue Sept. 29

Oregon State Police shared a story Thursday about how they gave a wandering four-legged friend a helping hand after it ended up in one of their training areas.

OSP said on Facebook that they recently found the dog walking around one of their Emergency Vehicle Operations Course tracks at the Department of Public Standards Safety & Training.

Trooper Butcher opened his car door and the dog crawled right in, OSP said. The dog crawled over the trooper’s lap, then the center console, then decided to lie down in the passenger seat.

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Right next door was an animal shelter which OSP contacted.

“The pup was very reluctant to crawl out of the cool comfortable car, but eventually, he did,” OSP said.

The shelter staff took the dog in so they could try to get the dog back home, OSP said. They did not say if the owners were found.

OSP Dog Rescue
(CREDIT: Oregon State Police)



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