OSP catches driver doing 119 in a 55 and the fine is … WHOA!

Bend police speed patrol lidar radar

Oregon State Police want to make it clear that if you’re going to be speeding on the highway during the Labor Day weekend — and you get caught — expect to pay. A lot, potentially.

OSP posted a photo of a recent ticket it gave to a driver speeding excessively on Interstate 5.

The speed? 119 mph in a 55 mph zone in the Portland area on Interstate 5.

The fine? $1,150.

OSP Ticket

“Don’t say we didn’t warn you,” OSP said on Twitter. Speeding excessively is sure to earn you a visit with a Trooper. Speeding this excessively earned a stop by our Portland Area Command Lieutenant!”

And it’s a good time to remind folks living — or visiting — Central Oregon that the speed limit on the Bend Parkway (Highway 97) is 45 mph.

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