▶️ ODFW leaders tour Central Oregon, learn about rare red foxes at Mt. Bachelor


Commissioners with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife visited some popular outdoor recreations areas around Deschutes County Thursday, looking to get a ground-level view of the issues those areas may face.

One stop was Mount Bachelor, where they heard from a biologist studying the popular Sierra Nevada Red Foxes seen around the resort.

Biologists are working to better understand the elusive carnivores and have tapped citizen scientists to look for signs of the fox when out recreating.

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“People are very very interested in the foxes here at Bachelor and we get calls all the time, and is there some way we can so ‘OK you’re interested. Here is the next step come help us collect data so we can mange the species and keep it on the landscape,'” said Kaly Adkins, ODFW Regional Diversity Biologist.

The ODFW commissioners are holding meetings Friday in Bend. One of the hot topics to be discussed is consideration of a rule that would prohibit organized derby hunts of unregulated game animals, such as coyotes.


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