▶️ ‘You’re not getting me!’ Bodycam shows WA deputy driving through wildfire


The full video released by Spokane County can be seen below, including the deputy’s interactions with people who evacuated.

Bodycam footage released last week shows a Washington state sheriff’s deputy driving through a wildfire after trying to get people to flee the area.

The video from Aug. 18, 2023, is from the body camera of Spokane County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Brittan Morgan.

Morgan is seen trying to get one person to evacuate, but that person refuses to leave.

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He then drives to meet up with another deputy and help guide other evacuees out.

Then Morgan’s camera shows him driving with the ferocious flames on both sides of his SUV. Morgan can be heard talking himself through the fire.

“You’re not getting me today (expletive)!” Morgan says. The video is heavily edited to remove profanities.


After getting to the other side of the fire, Morgan realizes the person he spoke to that initially refused to leave actually evacuated.

“Thank you, bro. I was so worried about you,” Morgan is heard saying as he claps his hands. “I know you’re probably sad for your horses right now, bro. I’m glad you’re alive.”

Another man who approached wanted to go back and get his semi, which he needed for his livelihood.

“I don’t want you to die,” Morgan says, putting his hands on the man’s shoulders. “It’s coming our way.”

As they spoke, a woman pulled up, frantically saying her dad was at a house and couldn’t get out. Morgan called that in to first responders working in the area.

The sheriff’s office said one person died in the Oregon Road Fire and another in the Gray Fire. The combined fires burned more than 21,000 acres and claimed at least 300 homes.

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