Oregon Restaurant and Lodging Association sues Gov. Brown over restrictions


The Oregon Restaurant and Lodging Association (ORLA) and the Restaurant Law Center filed a lawsuit Friday seeking to change the restaurant restrictions outlined in Gov. Kate Brown’s two-week freeze.

“This action was taken to save many restaurants around the state, and to protect the livelihoods of thousands of food service workers who rely on restaurants and their customers,” a press release from ORLA said. “Both restaurants and their employees continue to suffer from the devastating effects of ongoing regulatory orders in Oregon during this pandemic.”

ORLA President Jason Brandt said the restaurant restrictions set by Gov. Brown “lack equity and due process.” Brandt said they hope to talk to Gov. Brown and her staff as soon as possible to work toward a resolution.

Executive Director of the Restaurant Law Center Angelo Amador said he believes the latest executive order put forth by Brown is illegal.

Restaurants had to pause indoor and outdoor dining for two weeks and offer take-out only starting on Nov. 18.

This past week, more than 400 businesses signed a letter written by the Independent Restaurant Alliance of Oregon to Gov. Brown, asking for greater financial relief for restaurants.

“We hope our complaint will encourage the Governor and other officials to meet to develop a more reasonable and pragmatic approach that protects the livelihood of restaurant industry workers and restaurateurs across the state,” Amador said.

A link to the complaint is available here.



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