▶️ CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Motorhome overturns on Oregon’s I-84 after clipping semi


A motorhome overturned on Interstate 84 in Oregon last Friday after veering into a semi-truck, police said. Dashcam footage from the semi, released by the Oregon State Police, shows the incident.

The video shows the Tioga motorhome in the right lane trying to merge into the passing lane outside of Pendleton. The back of the motorhome clips the front of the semi. The motorhome then rolls onto its side and ends up on its roof along the side of the road.

Police say the driver of the RV, 35-year-old Michael D. Battle of Virginia, was ticketed for an unlawful lane change.

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Battle and four passengers – including three children, ages 16, 14, and 2 – suffered minor injuries.

The truck driver was uninjured, police said.

Police told Storyful it was “very fortunate” that those involved in the incident received only minor injuries.


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