▶️ Law professor: Oregon Measure 114 may not see full implementation for years


Measure 114, Oregon’s new gun control rules, may be held up in the court system for years. That’s according to Norman Williams, a constitutional law professor at Willamette University.

The Oregon Firearms Foundation, Sherman County Sheriff Brad Lohrey and Adam Johnson, owner of Coat of Arms Firearms, have filed a lawsuit against the measure in the Federal District Court in Portland. 

Whether or not the lawsuit will be successful is up in the air.

“It’s a six in one hand, half a dozen in the other hand proposition. The permit-to-purchase requirements, I think, will ultimately be upheld by the federal courts, but the ban on high capacity magazines I think will ultimately be struck down,” said Williams. 

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While the court could decide to halt the implementation of the measure within the next two weeks, the actual decision on whether or not it is constitutional, will take much longer.

“It could take weeks or months for that court to ultimately decide whether Measure 114’s constitutional in whole or in part,” said Williams.


After that decision is made, it will be appealed to the United States Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit. Professor Williams said this process could take a year or more.

Once it moves through the 9th Circuit, the high court may decide to take it on.

“This is certainly the type of case that the United States Supreme Court would potentially be interested in,” said Williams.

He continued on to explain SCOTUS will likely not see the case for at least three to four years. This means that December 8 is not expected to be the start date for the new law, as announced earlier this month.

“I suspect that the district court will enter a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction,” said Williams.

Williams is predicting we will not see the full implementation of Measure 114 for years.


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