▶️ Deschutes County Sheriff on why Measure 114 won’t be a priority if approved


Deschutes County Sheriff Shane Nelson, who is also president of the Oregon State Sheriff’s Association, has been outspoken about opposing Oregon’s new gun control rule, Measure 114. He sat down with Central Oregon Daily News Wednesday to explain.

“If ballot Measure 114 is eventually approved, it’s not going to be a priority for enforcement for this office,” said Nelson.

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Nelson said the funding and resources needed to enforce a permit-to-purchase process and high-capacity magazine ban are out of reach for his office.

“Our message has been focused and concerned about the resource suck that ballot Measure 114 will bring at a time when we’re seeing crime and emergencies rise in our communities,” said Nelson.

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The sheriff is claiming local police will be responsible for funding Measure 114’s enforcement. But when pressed on it, he says the measure does not actually specify who will pay for it.

“It’s not specific about it,” said Nelson. “Often times you’ll have ballot measures that come into play that either have unfunded mandates behind them or they just don’t have clear language.”

Until the Oregon Legislature makes clear where the funding will come from, it is a possibility local police will not have to foot the bill.

“That’s not to say the state wouldn’t step forward with some funding, but right now as it stands now, the funding comes from the fee,” said Nelson.

“The fee” being the $65 charged to purchase the permit required under 114.

The sheriff added he has not decided whether or not to join in taking legal action against the gun control package, but he does support the groups currently fighting it in court.


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