▶️ No more doggy bag? Bill to let you use own container moves forward


Tuesday was “do or die” day in the Oregon Legislature, with hundreds of bills expected to end up in the trash by days end.

The day is scheduled as part of the 160-day legislative session. Any bill that does not get a work session in the chamber where it was introduced won’t be going forward.

Roughly 2,900 bills were introduced in Salem this session.

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A few notable ones, however, are well on their way to potential passage.

Rent cap decrease

The current allowable rent increase for landlords is capped at 7% plus the consumer price index. The CPI is the measurement of inflation.

But this year, that total number ended up being 14.6% due to last year’s skyrocketing inflation.

Senate Bill 611 would change that to 5% plus inflation — but with a maximum cap of 10% no matter what the CPI is.

The original bill would have made it 3% plus CPI with a cap of 8%, but amendments changed it.

That bill is headed to the Senate floor for a vote, then must pass the House.

Styrofoam ban / bring your own container

A pair of bills aimed at reducing waste are also moving forward.

Senate Bill 545 would allow restaurant customers to bring their own reusable container for leftovers or to-go orders.

That one is already out of the senate and is getting a House committee hearing Wednesday.

And in a similar vein, Senate Bill 543 would ban food vendors from using polystyrene containers — better known as Styrofoam.

That has also passed the Senate and has been sent to the House.


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