▶️ Oregon lawmakers react to Iranian attack

Oregon lawmakers are responding to yesterday’s attack and Wednesday’s morning’s statement from the president.

Most in Oregon’s congressional delegation issued statements Tuesday night, calling on the Trump administration to not escalate the volatile situation.

Democratic Sen. Jeff Merkley says he’s now relieved by what appears to be an easing of tensions.

“I am optimistic that we have a window of opportunity not to end up in war,” he said. “The president of the united states had engaged in a series of provocative actions that have damaged our objectives in the middle east.”

He says the president’s decision last week to approve the killing of Qassam Soleimani undermined Iraq’s sovereignty, increased the legitimacy of the Iranian government, further fractured the NATO alliance and opened the door for Iran to increase its nuclear enrichment.

Congressman Greg Walden the only republican in Oregon’s delegation, has not made a public statement on the situation in the Middle East since last week.


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