▶️ Getting a drivers license in Japan just got easier for Oregonians


Japan and Oregon have signed an agreement that makes it easier to obtain a driver license for Japanese citizens in Oregon and Oregonians living in Japan.

The Oregon Department of Transportation says the agreement “will allow current holders of passenger-vehicle driving privileges in Oregon who are over 18 to obtain similar driving privileges in Japan without taking a driving skills test or a knowledge test. Likewise, the agreement will allow holders of comparable passenger-vehicle driver licenses issued by Japan who are over 18 to obtain an Oregon driver license without additional testing.”

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All other eligibility requirements and fees in Oregon and Japan will still be required.

“Oregon joins several other states in establishing driver license reciprocity with Japan,” Oregon DMV Administrator Amy Joyce said in a statement. “This agreement is a symbol of the strong business, education and tourism relationships between Japan and the state of Oregon.”

The agreement took effect upon signing, and DMV will begin accepting reciprocity applicants effective Nov. 1. To apply for an Oregon driver license, Japanese living in Oregon will need to visit a DMV office in person. 


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