▶️ Highway trash piles up as ODOT struggles to find crews to clean it


The Oregon Department of Transportation paves, plows, sweeps and clean our highways of litter. This year however, finding crews to pick up the trash has been a struggle.

Kacey Davey with ODOT says that the crews the agency normally hires have had limited availability this year.

The Youth Litter Patrol, a usually popular program through the department that recruits teenagers, has also been struggling to find applicants.

“We often have litter patrol crews,” Davey said. “It’s often youths who are 16 years of age or older. They come on and help us clean up litter. We actually didn’t have a single applicant for the program this year.”

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The program allows teenagers to get involved with the department, earn some money and clean up their communities. It generally accepts applications beginning mid-march until early July, but that is subject to change based on need and funding availability according to the ODOT website.


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