More clues for the Oregon Hidden Bottle Hunt; One bottle has been found

Bottle Hunt 2022

The fourth round of clues for this years 2022 Oregon Hidden Bottle Hunt were revealed Saturday. And we learned that one of the six bottles has already been found.

Six commemorative bottles were hidden around the state of Oregon to celebrate more than a half-century of Oregon’s Bottle Bill. Each bottle has been placed in parks and trails throughout the state.

The hunt is divided into six geographical zones. Deschutes, Jefferson, Crook and Harney counties are in Zone 4. Klamath, Lake, Josephine and Jackson counties are in Zone 3. Eastern Oregon is in Zone 5. Southwest Oregon is in Zone 2 while Zone 1 has been split into an east and west region covering Portland and Northwest Oregon.

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Oregon Hidden Bottle Hunt 2022 Zone Map
Oregon Hidden Bottle Hunt 2022 Zone Map (Credit: Oregon BottleDrop)

Five daily clues as to the bottles’ locations will be revealed through Sunday.

Zone 3 Day 3 clue

Does the hunt have you watching Caliban and Desdemona?
You might try looking closer to where Oregon hits California
Nobody said it would be easy to find the bottle
But you sure aren’t going to get any help from Othello

“Klaatu barada nikto” might ease your labor
But the words would surely get jumbled by a friendly neighbor

Zone 4 Day 3 clue

The Depression hit, and finances dried up
This town looked for a way to keep its chin up.
Dutch floated a grand plan to bring in the masses
An event that hailed the town’s finest lasses.
Queen reigned supreme, court on cygnet dreams,
Designs and arches each year surpasses.

All clues can be found on the BottleDrop website.

The green, refillable bottles come with a small, Oregon-shaped tag that says “The Oregon Bottle Bill: Promoting a legacy of recycling since 1971.” They will come with a small bag to keep the bottle in.

Zone 5 bottle found

Bottledrop announced that Pilot Rock resident Nicole Ferguson and her son, Jesse, found the Zone 5 bottle. It was in Riverfront Park in Hermiston. 

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Oregon Bottle Hunt 2022

The winners get to keep the bottle and will get to choose one of the 5,000 BottleDrop Give nonprofit partners to receive a $1,000 donation.

Important Bottle Hunt rules

  • Do not trespass on private property. All bottles are hidden in parks or trails open to the public.
  • Do not go inside any buildings to look for bottles. All bottles are hidden outside.
  • Do not dig for the bottles or otherwise damage/destroy any plants or structures at the park/trail, and bottles will not be hidden in any community garden spaces. The bottles may be concealed but will not be hidden in places that require damaging property in any way. You do not need to dig underground or destroy anything to access the bottles, and doing so is prohibited.
  • Abide by any park/trail hours while you are hunting.

The Oregon Bottle Bill, signed into law on July 2, 1971, was the nation’s first beverage container redemption system that allowed people to get money back for returning bottles.

OBRC said the Oregon redemption rate was  83.9% in 2021, with Oregonians returning nearly 2 billion containers for recycling.


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