Oregon Hidden Bottle Hunt 2023 clues

Oregon Bottle Hunt 2023 bottles

The third set of clues has been revealed for the Oregon Hidden Bottle Hunt 2023.

Six blue, commemorative bottles are hidden throughout Oregon — one in each of six geographic zones. Deschutes, Jefferson, Crook and Harney counties make up Zone 4. Clues will be provided each day for all the zones through July 9.

Before going hunting, people looking for the bottles need to know the rules. 

  • Do not trespass on private property. All bottles are hidden in parks or trails open to the public.
  • Do not go inside any buildings to look for bottles. All bottles are hidden outside.
  • Do not dig for the bottles or otherwise damage/destroy any plants or structures at the park/trail, and bottles will not be hidden in any community garden spaces. The bottles may be concealed but will not be hidden in places that require damaging property in any way. You do not need to dig underground or destroy anything to access the bottles, and doing so is prohibited.
  • Abide by any park/trail hours and rules while you are hunting.

Here are the clues so far for Zone 4.

Day 1

Whoa, Nelly! Find a scrappy bronc for battle
blessed with tines for a sternum so hollow.
In his day, almost ninety percent were thrown off,
you too, unless 180 you turn him and follow.

Day 2

It starts down south at a place we’d call unusual
before it proceeds to cross something quite big.
It ends just past gold before reincarnation in maple,
get back in the zone, within five miles are bottle’s digs.

Day 3

Last year, JR and friends remembered
Sarah and son’s generous donation.
A great network arose for personal repose,
within the system is the bottle’s location.

Here are the clues for the other zones and a map showing all of them.

Zone 1E Clues


To find this bottle you’ll need to demonstrate both mathematical and historical intelligence.
Zone 1E contains 5 counties but only one will exert eminence.
The first equation involves two dates important to our foundation.
Add the month and date of our constitution.
Subtract the sum from that of the year of admission,
to get the district you’ll need if you want victorious representation.


To set the boundary geometry is needed to resolve,
a polygon of clues you’ll need to solve.
The 2nd largest City in forty-eight.
Henry’s summer playground estate.
Oregon’s Woodstock wasn’t subtle.
Metro’s only remaining hydrogen oxide shuttle.


To further narrow, it’s time to triangulate.
The views are sure to rejuvenate.
A former site of Hill’s academy and Anderegg’s dairy,
plus an amusing dreamland you might call merry.
One of these three will hold sway,
if you let George’s little lefty point the way.

Zone 1W


All aboard the hidden bottle show!
Connect the clues and bask in finder’s glow!

From the icy streets of Europe’s #2 city
She was the first to em-Bark, although her end, a pity

A one way trajectory didn’t fare well for her
Keep west of the place where her name endures


Vaya con dios, father of Bonzo
In a fifty-year storm he was gone-zo
Swells in bells were really shot at this spot
Stay north to win the hidden bottle jackpot.


With a 1,000 foot reel they caught it all
The crimps, the love, the rescue and brawl
Jennie’s young heart was set on JT
Back in ‘09 in this town by the sea

Zone 2


Welcome to the Zone 2 BottleDrop treasure hunt!
Start with the seat of Joseph’s county
and get on track to find the bounty.
In this gem of a city you’ll toe the line
run south of it and you’ll do just fine.
Start in your lane to find the dough
get on your mark, get ready and go!


Go south and west and only rest
when you find a place of pines.
In this county, you’ll soon find bounty
and a park that really shines.
Now go explore what you adore,
a city, or more rural
but while you’re there
you just might find
a hint in a very large mural.

Don’t think you’re done with this long distance run
and stop the game Prematurely.
You’re almost there, please don’t despair
as we dispense more clues though obscurely.


From here we’re going to pick up the pace
to help you find the direction to face.
A Greek warrior with an injured heel
used a plant that can help with your zeal.
Is it true that money doesn’t grow on trees?
Myrtle would know about things like these.

If that doesn’t help you find direction
how about this for clue perfection?
Elijah is another wood
who’d change his parents if he could.

Zone 3


A fowl presence parked in a roguish heart,
come for more tools, see the strange attraction.
But if you want it to sing thee something well,
the direction it faces is a worthy transaction.


Fowl again, but now the water fits the bill
to help you get your pointes on the ground.
It’s a good bet to pirouette with Odette,
en avant to the county where it will be found!


Two boys of summer, an ad campaign for kicks
The World’s Greatest? Belatedly, only the one.
Find his way and you’ll be buzzing near the gold,
it’s a missing link to vault your bottle run.

Zone 5


The Bottle Hunt always generates a buzz
Could the bottle be found early? Last year it was

Nine counties total, but which will deliver?
Stick to the three named for a river


Still too many counties in which to search…
Let’s narrow, so you can fast break to the merch

Rank the state by population
You’ll get an assist from trailblazing generations

Put Mo and Bill into a slumber
Search the spot that is twice The Natural’s number


This is a story about Jean Baptiste’s mom
Who amidst a crisis kept her calm

Our memory of her stands out in a crowd
Of rugged pioneers and, the nearby lands they ploughed

July marks the 52nd anniversary of the Oregon Bottle Bill, which created the nation’s first beverage container redemption system.

Oregon Bottle Hunt 2023 Zone Map


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