State offers free park day-use parking, fishing, clamming Friday


Outdoor enthusiasts throughout the state will get the chance to enjoy day-use parking in state parks and fishing at no cost for a short time after Thanksgiving. 

The Oregon Parks and Recreation Department is offering free day-use parking in almost all state parks for the full day after the holiday. 

The tradition, known also as “Green Friday”, will be implemented in the 24 parks that are open and charge for parking on that day. 

“We’re proud to promote this tradition and offer Oregonians an alternative to the busiest shopping day of the year,” said Lisa Sumption, director of Oregon Parks and Recreation Department.

Although parking is free year-round in almost all state parks, the waiver applies to parks that charge $5 daily for parking such as Fort Stevens, Cape Lookout and Smith Rock. 

A complete list of parks that require day-use parking permits is available online at

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife also announced it will not require fishing or shellfish licenses or tags for the two full days following Thanksgiving, Nov. 25 and 26.

Both Oregon residents and nonresidents will be allowed to fish, clam and crab for free. 

Bag limits and size restrictions will still apply, and you can visit the Oregon Sport Fishing Regulations page for rules and regulations. 

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You can check the Recreation Report to find the best places for fishing in the upcoming week. 

MyODFW also has all the information you need to get started clamming or crabbing.

They recommend calling the ODA Shellfish safety hotline at 1-800-448-2474 or check their Shellfish page before you go clamming or crabbing.


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