Oregon Falconers Association to hold annual Madras meet

Oregon Falconers Association member with her Harris's Hawk and a cottontail it captured near Corvallis.

The Oregon Falconers Association will hold its annual field meet at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds from Thursday, Nov. 4 to Saturday, Nov. 6.

Falconry is a hunting sport in which trained raptors (hawks and falcons) hunt for small animals like jackrabbits, cottontails and ducks.

Dozens of falconers from Oregon and surrounding states are expected to bring their birds of prey to the meet.

Many will hunt on land surrounding Madras.

Landowners with healthy populations of cottontails, jackrabbits, pheasants, ducks and chukars who would be willing to allow a falconer to hunt on their property should contact Jim Webber at (518) 210-8295 or president.ofa@gmail.com.

Landowners who grant permission are welcome to join the hunt.

A variety of birds of prey will also be on display in a fenced-in area at the Fairgrounds through the day on Friday, Nov. 4 and Saturday, Nov. 5.

The public is welcome to come see the raptors but are asked to keep dogs away from the area.


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