How much will you get from the 2024 Oregon kicker? What economists predict.


The Oregon Office of Economic Analysis has released their predictions for the 2024 tax kicker. They estimate it to be $3.9 billion – a record amount. The exact amount will be finalized this fall. 

Based on their projections and Oregon’s current income distribution, the typical Oregon taxpayer will receive $790 on their tax returns in 2024. They state it is important to remember that the kicker is paid out the same way tax revenue comes in – meaning the more you earn, the larger your kicker. 

They estimate on average, that the top 1% of earners will receive $42,000 while the bottom 20% of incomes will receive $60. 

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The Oregon Office of Economic Analysis says the economic impact of the kicker can differ depending on what is being measured. If you just look at numbers, the $3.9 billion increase in disposable personal income would be a boost of about 1.3%, however based on consumer spending and business revenue, the impact is likely to be less than that. 

To put simply, lower income households are more likely to spend a large percentage of their kicker, while higher income households are more likely to save a large percentage. Since a majority of the kicker will go to higher income households, the economic impact will not be as large. 

The final kicker figures will not be certified until fall of 2023. 




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