▶️ VIDEO: Coast Guard helicopter rescues trapped dog on Oregon coast


A U.S. Coast Guard helicopter crew from Astoria rescued a dog Monday that had fallen off a cliff in Ecola State Park. The Coast Guard released video of the rescue Tuesday.

A rescue swimmer was lowered down and was able to place the dog, named Leo, in a basket to be hoisted into the chopper. 

The helicopter landed in a parking lot to reunite Leo with his owners. The video shows the owners welcoming their dog and giving the rescue swimmer a hug.

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The Coast Guard said Leo stayed overnight at an emergency vet and is doing well despite a few cuts and bruises.

The Cannon Beach Rural Fire Protection District posted on Facebook that it was ready to rappel down the cliff side to rescue the dog, but that’s when the Coast Guard showed up.

“Although the coast is beautiful, it is not perfectly safe. We’d like to remind everyone to keep dogs on leash when hiking unless other wise stated'”Dogs Allowed Off Leash’ on the state park website,” Cannon Beach Fire said.

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