Oregon DOC evacuates 3 Salem-area prisons due to wildfires; inmates relocated

The Oregon Department of Corrections has evacuated three Salem prisons due to threats from the Beachie Creek and Lionshead wildfires.

All employees and adults in custody (AICs) from Oregon State Correctional Institution (OSCI), Santiam Correctional Institution (SCI), and Mill Creek Correctional Facility (MCCF) have been relocated to the Oregon State Penitentiary (OSP).

These three Salem institutions are in potential danger as the fires move down the Santiam Canyon.

DOC has worked with the Oregon State Police and the State Fire Marshall to keep everyone who works and lives inside these prisons safe.

A total of 1,450 AICs have been relocated.

The AICs are not being released from custody.

All AICs will be housed in emergency beds throughout the institution. Employees from OSCI, SCI, and MCCF will work at OSP to ensure appropriate staffing levels. AICs will be housed with others from their home institution whenever possible.

The agency is responsible for the care and custody of 14,000 men and women who are incarcerated in the 14 institutions across the state.

OSP is located in Salem, and houses over 2,000 individuals.

OSP is surrounded by a 25-foot-high wall with 10 towers.




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