▶️ ‘D000BE’ among rejected Oregon custom license plates in 2022: See the list


These are just some of the 283 applications for custom license plates in Oregon that were rejected by the Department of Motor Vehicles in 2022 for one reason or another. 










And those are some of the tamer ones.

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The most common reasons that requested vanity plates were rejected in 2022 was because the letter-number configuration “is alarming, threatening, offending, or misleading” or that it “refers to illegal acts, or controlled substances or that it “refers to sexual act or bodily function.”

The application for custom plates states “DMV will deny requests for combination of letters and numbers that may be viewed as objectionable. Objectionable combinations include those that would, by means of foreign or slang words or phrases, by use of phonetic, numeric or reverse spelling, or when viewed as a mirror image, have the effect of alarming, threatening, offending, or misleading a reasonable person. Such choices may include, but are not limited to, combinations of letters and/or numbers that:

  • Refer to intimate bodily parts or to sexual or excretory functions
  • Refer in an alarming or offensive manner to a person or class of persons on the basis of race, color, gender, ethnic heritage, national origin, or other characteristic
  • Suggest that the vehicle to which the custom plate is issued is an official vehicle of a public agency when it is not
  • Refer to illegal acts; or
  • Refer to alcoholic beverages or controlled substances or paraphernalia used in the consumption thereof. (This long standing restriction remains in place for all backgrounds, including Wine Country.) 

You can read the full list — provided to us by KOIN in Portland — in the field below. But as you might expect, some of them may be considered vulgar, profane or otherwise inappropriate.

Denied Oregon Vanity License Plates 2022



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