▶️ Oregon Democratic Gubernatorial Debate


The Democratic Party of Oregon hosted a governor’s forum featuring qualifying Democratic candidates on Sunday, May 1, at the 2022 Oregon Summit in Sunriver.

The attending candidates were:

  • Tina Kotek
  • Tobias Read
  • Patrick Starnes

All Democratic candidates for governor were invited to qualify for participation in the forum. The requirements, determined by the Democratic Party of Oregon, to qualify were as follows:

  • The candidate must have set up a campaign account with the Oregon Secretary of State and reported in ORESTAR.
  • The candidate must have deposited at least $35,000 into their campaign account as publicly reported in ORESTAR.
  • The candidate must have received at least 100 individual campaign donations of $50 or less from 100 different individuals residing in Oregon.
  • The candidate must have collected “signatures” from 250 registered Oregon Democrats on an individualized online DPO petition supporting the candidate’s participation in the forum.

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