▶️ A brief history of the death penalty in Oregon


Gov. Kate Brown announced on Dec. 13, 2022, that she was commuting the death sentences of 17 Oregon inmates, reducing them to life without parole.

Here is a brief history of the death penalty in the state of Oregon. 

1864 – Death penalty is first adopted by statute.

1914 – Death penalty is voted out.

Over the next two decades, it was restored and then repealed.

1981 – Oregon Supreme Court strikes down the death penalty.

1984 – Voters reinstate the death penalty.

1997 – The most-recent execution carried out in Oregon. There were only two between the 1984 and 1997.

2020 – The Oregon Department of Corrections essentially shuts down death row, moving its inmates mainly into the general prison population.

2022 – Gov. Kate Brown commutes the sentences of 17 death row inmates.

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