Oregon COVID-19 Update: 31 new cases, 7 new deaths

Oregon health officials reported 31 new COVID-19 cases Tuesday bringing the statewide total to 2,385. Seven new death brings that total to 99.

No new cases were reported in Deschutes County, keeping the total at 75. As of Tuesday afternoon, 52 were reported as “recovered.

Nearly 50,000 Oregonians have tested negative for the disease including 2,163 in Crook, Deschutes and Jefferson counties.

There has been one reported case in Crook County and six cases in Jefferson County.

Weekly Report again expands data on COVID-19 in Oregon

OHA’s Weekly Coronavirus Report has again expanded this week to add data on underlying conditions for the COVID-19 cases that have died. OHA will also now include the number of COVID-19 recovered cases by county.

The report provides demographic data and information on signs and symptoms from all COVID-19 cases in Oregon, the reported risk factors from all COVID-19 cases, COVID-19 cases by sex, age group, race, and ethnicity.

The Weekly Report also includes death totals and rates, and cases and deaths from all care facilities and senior living communities that have three or more confirmed COVID-19 cases or one or more death.


To see more case and county-level data, go to the Oregon Health Authority website, which OHA updates once a day: www.healthoregon.org/coronavirus

Deschutes County has been providing more demographic information on its patients, although those numbers sometimes aren’t in concert with the state reports and are reported at a later time.





Oregon 2,385 49,857 99
Deschutes County 75 1,758 0
Crook County 1 193 0
Jefferson County 6 212 0

Additional Deschutes County demographic information:

Total Number of Deschutes County COVID-19 Cases who have Recovered 52
Deschutes County COVID-19 Cases by Sex
Female 40
Male 35
Deschutes County COVID-19 Cases by Age Group
Age 29 or younger 17
Age 30 to 39 8
Age 40 to 49 9
Age 50 to 59 13
Age 60 to 69 15
Age 70 or older 13
Deschutes County COVID-19 Cases by History of Travel
Travel history (domestic or international) 29
No travel history 44
Unknown 2
Deschutes County COVID-19 Cases by Hospitalization Status, Ever
Ever hospitalized 22
Has not been hospitalized 52

Stay informed about COVID-19:

Oregon response: The Oregon Health Authority leads the state response.

United States response: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention leads the U.S. response.

Global response: The World Health Organization guides the global response.


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