Oregon Cancer Bike Out provides a ride to remember


Mountain bikers took to the trails to pedal out cancer on Saturday.

The Oregon Cancer Bike Out raises money for local non profits that treat and care for cancer patients, but for a group of riders it provided a path of remembrance.

“My wife died a week and half ago of cervical cancer,” said rider John Bravard.

The event coincided with the recent passing of Virginie Calme, a well known rider in the Bend mountain biking community.

“Couple of weeks ago she sent me a text message and told me about the ride and just said will you please ride for me and my family,” said friend Jody Jones.  

“My wife was was the mountain bike director for Bend Endurance Academy and created a great program there so very easy to honor her with the ride today,” added Bravard.

“The fact that we’re able to all come out as a community, a mountain bike community, to be able to not only support each other, but to support a great cause,” said Jones.

 Family, friends, and BEA students took to the trails out of Wanoga Sno-Park riding in Calme’s honor.

“And that’s what, you know that’s what she wanted she wanted, us to get outside and play,” said Bravard.

And on a sunny fall Saturday morning, those that knew her best did just that.


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