▶️ Oregon’s 2022 Hidden Bottle Hunt begins Wednesday


It’s bottle hunting season!

Six commemorative bottles have been hidden around the state of Oregon to celebrate more than a half-century of Oregon’s Bottle Bill. Five daily clues as to their locations will be revealed starting Wednesday.

During the Hidden Bottle Hunt 2022, the bottles will be hidden in parks and trails throughout the state. 

Clues will be posted on the BottleDrop website from July 6-10.

The green, refillable bottles come with a small, Oregon-shaped tag that says “The Oregon Bottle Bill: Promoting a legacy of recycling since 1971.” They will come with a small bag to keep the bottle in.

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Oregon Bottle Hunt 2022

The winners get to keep the bottle and will get to choose one of the 5,000 BottleDrop Give nonprofit partners to receive a $1,000 donation.

“Last year’s Hidden Bottle Hunt was the first of its kind, hosted to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Oregon Bottle Bill,” Eric Chambers, external relations director for the Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative, said in a statement. “It was so much fun and was so successful at raising awareness about the legacy of Oregon’s Bottle Bill that we decided to do it again.”

The Oregon Bottle Bill, signed into law on July 2, 1971, was the nation’s first beverage container redemption system that allowed people to get money back for returning bottles.

OBRC said the Oregon redemption rate was  83.9% in 2021, with Oregonians returning nearly 2 billion containers for recycling.


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