Oregon Bottle Drop’s Hidden Bottle Hunt Clue: Day 1


In honor of the 50th anniversary of Oregon’s Bottle Bill, OBRC and Bottle Drop on Tuesday launched a statewide treasure hunt running through July 11.

Six commemorative, gold-colored bottles have been hidden throughout the state (really throughout!), and BottleDrop is rolling out one clue per day, per bottle, to lead one lucky finder to each bottle.

Each finder gets to keep the bottle and direct a $500 donation to a charity of their choice.

The Central Oregon Zone’s first clue is below:

  • Zone 4 offers a tetrad,
    But you’ll want to go with the current fad.
    Formerly a crook,
    South of Monticello you should now look.

We have taken six of our unique BottleDrop Refillable bottles – used for our Refillable beverage program – and had them specially painted gold by a professional artists group in Oregon.

The bottles include a unique 50th Anniversary label and include a metal emblem honoring the milestone.

The bottles will be wrapped to prevent breakage and covered in a burlap sack to protect them from the elements while they wait for you to find them.


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