Another record high for Oregon, Bend gas prices Wednesday

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Oregon gas prices hit another all-time high Wednesday, breaking the record it set on Tuesday. And in Central Oregon, the average is even higher.

The average for regular unleaded in Oregon is now $4.86, according to AAA. That’s 15 cents higher than a week ago. Prices have increased $1.51 since the same day a year ago.

The average price in Bend is $4.89, up three cents since Tuesday and 15 cents from a week ago.

Additionally, average diesel prices in Oregon reached a new record at $5.62 per gallon. The price in Bend was $5.68 and the national average at $5.55.

Oregon is steadily moving toward the $5 per gallon average currently being experienced by its neighbors to the south. California has the highest average at $5.85 per gallon Wednesday. Hawaii is at $5.31 per gallon and Nevada is at $5.13.

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Other average prices in Oregon, according to AAA:

  • Albany: $4.70 (Down one cent from Tuesday)
  • Corvallis: $4.68 (Up four cents)
  • Eugene-Springfield: $4.83 (Up one cent)
  • Grants Pass: $5.01 (Down three cents)
  • Medford-Ashford: $4.92 (Up one cent)
  • Pendleton: $4.63 (Up two cents)
  • Portland: $4.92 (Up four cents)
  • Salem: $4.78 (Up one cent)

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Nationally, the average price of regular is $4.40, also a new record. It’s up three cents in one day. 

GasBuddy said after fuel prices spiked in March following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, they decreased a little. But they are going up again with the threat of the European Union threatening sanctions on Russian oil.

GasBuddy said don’t be surprised to see prices continue going up through Memorial Day.


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