▶️ Sisters HS journalists cover state Alpine Ski Championships at Hoodoo


The highly anticipated Oregon Alpine Ski State Championships has begun at Hoodoo Ski Area, bringing more than 300 of the best high school skiers from across the state.

It’s also bringing young, hungry journalists from nearby Sisters to cover it.

“It’s cold, but it’s fun and everyone’s just so excited to be here,” student journalist Araiya Grummer said.

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The Outlaw Media Production Team from Sisters High School has been covering the high stakes event. A group of seven student photojournalists capturing the high-adrenaline action the competition has to offer.

“Typically we work with our local newspaper, The Nugget, which is super supportive of us,” student journalist Jack Turpen said. “We decided to go for a much larger scale this time and do some more statewide coverage. We got a team together of about seven kids, all super passionate about videography and photography and they’re all super pumped to be out here.” 

For some of the kids, photojournalism is a passionate hobby. For others, it’s a hopeful start for a career path. 

“I’m going to go to school for photography, I’m a senior this year, so I’m going to continue my career in photography. This year I’ve been diving really deep into sports photography,” Olivia Kennedy said.

With strong passion comes high aspirations. 

“National Geographic’s my dream, but I would be willing to do anything that involves photography,” Kennedy said.

The Outlaw Media Production Team will continue to cover the event through Friday.


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