Oregon Air National Guard 142nd wing to host, conduct dissimilar air combat training


PORTLAND, Ore. – The Oregon Air National Guard’s 142nd Wing is hosting Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 37 out of Naval Air Station Oceana, Virginia to conduct dissimilar air combat training (DACT) from August 10-21.

VFA-37’s F-18 Super Hornets will fly in collaborative exercises with the 142nd Wing’s F-15 Eagles during the two-weeks of DACT. This specified training provides realistic combat scenarios for pilots to hone advanced aerial tactics that may be used against potential adversaries.

The exercise is an essential and required component to ensure military readiness in support of the base’s national and state missions.

According to Lt. Col. Bradley Young, 123rd Fighter Squadron Director of Operations, DACT is mutually beneficial to the Navy and the Oregon Air National Guard.

“Training with the Super Hornets from VFA-37 affords us the opportunity to execute in a multi-service and multi-aircraft environment that we normally do not see unless we go to an [remote] exercise. It also affords us an opportunity to see how they execute and train and help us refine our integration between the two services,” said Bradley.

Flights will depart from and land at the Portland International Airport, and training will be conducted in approved airspace off the Oregon coastline and in Eastern Oregon.

In an effort to foster coordination with the community and the Port of Portland, flights will launch daily after 8 a.m. and will conclude before 4 p.m.




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