Oregon ranked 5th most productive state in US

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A new analysis of U.S. labor data finds Oregon is the fifth-most productive state in the country. And western states dominate the top 10.

Commercial Real Estate website MyEListing based its findings on the following data:

  • Employment Rank: Measures the employment levels in relation to the state’s population.
  • Real Value Added Rank: Captures the net output of the state after adding up all outputs and subtracting intermediate inputs.
  • Labor Productivity Rank: Represents the output produced per hour of labor.
  • Worker Output Rank: Quantifies the total output produced by the workforce.
  • Output Per Worker Rank: Measures the average output per individual worker.
  • Hours Worked Rank: Assesses the average number of hours worked by employees in the state.
  • Unit Labor Costs Rank: Examines the average cost of labor in producing one unit of output.
  • GDP Per Capita Rank: Analyzes the state’s GDP divided by its population, providing insights into economic health and average income.

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The top 10 most productive states in 2023, according to MyEListing, are:

  1. Washington
  2. California
  3. Colorado
  4. Utah
  5. Oregon
  6. Massachusetts
  7. Idaho
  8. Georgia
  9. Tennessee
  10. New Hampshire

“Oregon’s 5th-place spot can be linked to its performance in output per worker (4th) and real value added (7th),” MyEListing said in its report. “Labor productivity and worker output both secured a 7th-place rank, and the state’s GDP per capita ranking is a bit lower at 22nd.”

Washington state ranked No. 1 in  labor productivity and output per worker, No. 2 in real value and No. 3 in GDP per capita.

The five least-productive states were Louisiana, Alaska, Mississippi, Wyoming and Rhode Island.

Oregon was also the 5th most-improved for overall productivity between 2017-2022. Idaho was No. 1, followed by Washington, Utah and California.

On its most-improved ranking, the site said “Oregon showcased its dedication to improving efficiency in resource utilization. This efficiency translated to a 14.2% rise in GDP per capita, indicating that economic growth was being channeled into increased prosperity for its residents.”


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