▶️ Toy gun shoots gel beads, looks real, can cause injury, Prineville PD warns


A toy gun has led to arrests and criminal charges for teens in Prineville, and it’s not the first time.

The concern with the Orbeez guns is they look like a real firearm and that the gel-based beads they fire can cause injury.

The Prineville Police Department said the latest arrest happened Wednesday when someone was caught shooting an Orbeez gun out of a car at passing people.

“Looks like a Glock,” Prineville Police Captain Larry Seymour said Friday. “This one did not have an orange tip on it or anything like that.”

An arrest was made on disorderly conduct, minor in possession of marijuana and other charges.

Police say another child was recently shot in the eye by an Orbeez gun and ended up in the hospital. Seymour wasn’t able to say how severe the injury was.

The cases prompted Prineville PD to put out a warning on Facebook Thursday for two reasons.

“One, the Orbeez gun definitely looks like a real firearm and I don’t want kids getting hurt if they’re out in public with those things and, No. 2, the gel Orbeez can cause injury,” Seymour said.




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