▶️ Don’t toss your old smartphone. Here are ways to give it new life.


We once paid hundreds of dollars for shiny, new cell phones. But now they may be cracked, may run slower or perhaps they are so old that they aren’t supported anymore.

But don’t toss them in the trash. You may be able to give them a second life.

The FCC requires all smartphones be able to call for help, even if they don’t have any cell service. Keep one in the car or in the kitchen so the kids can always have 911, even if they don’t have a smartphone.

Get annoyed when you’re in the car and your phone rings while you’re listening to music on it? What about using your old smartphone exclusively as a music player? Delete all the apps and photos and load the device with your favorite tunes from your computer. 16- or 32 gigabyte phones hold a ton of songs. Plug it into your car and you’ve got a music player that won’t stop when our new phone rings.

If your phone can connect to WiFi, it could also be your new remote if you’re a cord cutter. Download Roku, Amazon FireStick, Google TV or Apple TV. The apps are easier to use than the remote that came with the device. And if you use more than one of these devices, you won’t have to juggle multiple remotes.

Old smartphones make excellent bedside or desktop clocks. Apps that display the time and forecast are free. And you can set an alarm just by asking.



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