OHA sees uptick in dating app use, issues sex guide for COVID-19


The Oregon Health Authority on Wednesday released a visual guide to sex during COVID-19 after getting info on increased dating app use during the crisis.

“At a time when Oregonians are spending more time than ever at home, we imagine you may be wondering “Is it still safe to have sex?”  the agency said in a tweet. “In short – Yes. You can still have sex but with precautions. Here are some tips on practicing safe sex during this time.

Tim Wollerman, a spokesman with the Oregon COVID-19 Joint Information Center said they weren’t getting questions about sex specifically, but became aware of a jump in people using networking apps.

“This increase in app use does raise the question of whether folks might be meeting people outside their household to have sex despite the social distancing measures,” Wollerman said. “We released this guidance to provide alternative ways to find sexual pleasure and ways for people to protect themselves if they are indeed having sex with people that are not a part of their household.”

Reactions to to the post ranged from “Are you serious, right now,” to “Great idea, excellent messaging. Thank you!” with plenty of objectionable responses in between.



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