ODVA discovers Oregon WWII veteran’s medals, seeks family


The Oregon Department of Veteran’s Affairs (ODVA) is attempting to locate any surviving family members or descendants of World War II veteran, George E. Hodgdon. 

A Lake Oswego resident found First Lieutenant Hodgdon’s distinguished service medals in a home being demolished and gave them to the ODVA. 

“These medals represent the enduring appreciation of two grateful nations for the courageous and exemplary service Lieutenant Hodgdon performed in World War II more than 75 years ago,” said ODVA Director Kelly Fitzpatrick. “They belong with the Hodgdon family. 

“We are grateful that the community recognized the importance of preserving these pieces of our nation’s military history and would appreciate the public’s assistance with any information that may help in returning them to the family.”

The medals include the Army’s second-highest military decoration for extraordinary heroism, the Distinguished Service Cross, from General Mark W. Clark.

They also include the War Cross of Military Valor, which is the Italian equivalent of the Medal of Honor, or Medaglia al Valor Militaire

Lieutenant Hodgdon earned these medals during the Italian Campaign in the late stages of WWII. 

He passed away on January 28, 1969, and was buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

Lieutenant Hodgdon had no known surviving spouse and Pennsylvania was listed as his home state of record.

Anyone with information about Lieutenant Hodgdon’s family members or loved ones is asked to please contact ODVA Community and Media Relations Coordinator Tyler Francke at tyler.francke@odva.oregon.gov.


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