ODOT to receive $1 billion through federal infrastructure package


The Oregon Department of Transportation will receive over $1 billion in additional transportation funding as part of the federal infrastructure package, they announced Sunday.

ODOT said they are still analyzing the legislation to see exactly how much money they will receive and how it would be spent, but that it will go towards “projects around the state that will benefit drivers, transit riders, cyclists and pedestrians, help maintain roads and bridges, and address climate change.”

They said they will release additional details this week.

Oregon Transportation Commission Chair Bob Van Brocklin released the following statement on the bill’s passage:

“This past weekend Congress completed work on the largest infrastructure finance bill in history. Once signed by the president, the $1.2 trillion bill will allow ODOT to address a number of major challenges in our state.

“The Oregon Transportation Commission and ODOT will direct these funds, combined with state funding from the Oregon Legislature, to make real progress on Oregon’s transportation priorities.

“Specifically, some $1.2 billion will be allocated to our state in the next five years for highway and bridge construction and maintenance, safety improvements, mass transit investments, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, electric vehicle charging stations, and efforts to reduce carbon emissions from transportation sources.

“These resources will help us address congestion, which is increasing in our urban areas as the state’s population continues to grow; freight mobility, earthquake recovery preparedness, passenger rail, and other elements of the comprehensive mobility system we seek to create.

“All of this work will focus on improving our economy, our environment, and the quality of life of all Oregonians. Working together, we can attain this vision.

“In anticipation of this major new commitment at the federal level, beginning in 2020, the Oregon Transportation Commission and ODOT began working on a number of changes to create a modern transportation system that prioritizes equity, climate, safety, and the delivery of reliable transportation options to serve the diverse need of our citizens and businesses across the state.

“These early efforts position us to quickly invest the federal funds we receive and additional funds we will seek from new and continuing federal grant programs authorized by the bill Congress passed last weekend.

“The Oregon Transportation Commission and ODOT are deeply grateful for the hard work of our federal delegation to make this historic legislation a reality.

“We look forward to putting these new resources to work to build a better future for the people of Oregon.”


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