▶️ ODOT hoping for public input to direct Terrebonne/Hwy 97 changes


Bill Burt has been to five meetings – starting in June of 2018 — regarding the roads in Terrebone.

“The traffic on a Friday or a Sunday is ridiculous,” he said. 

Burt lives in Crooked River Ranch, and is hoping that ODOT can change the roads enough to make it possible for him to turn left onto Highway 97.

“It’s almost impossible to turn north and go to Madras the way it’s set up right now,” he said.

That’s why Burt hopes ODOT will get approval for its couplet idea, which means the highway will be split northbound and southbound

ODOT officials proposed several ideas for Highway 97 on Thursday night at an open house in Terrebone.

“The current 97 would become two southbound lanes and 11th street, which is one street to the east would become two northbound lanes,” said ODOT Project Coordinator Cari Charlton.

ODOT’s second idea is to interchange only at Lower Bridge Way and US 97.  Charlton says that’s the interim option, and that plan could leave room to make more changes to 97 in the future if needed.

“Option two addresses just the safety issues at that intersection, while option one is a more wholistic approach and looks at all the safety options and issues within Terrebonne,” Charlton said.

Charlton hopes the public will express interest in one of the two ideas, so they can move forward.

“There are safety concerns along Highway 97 within Terrebonne, and we have the money and some really good solutions to improve safety,” she said. “Hopefully we can move forward sooner rather than later.”

You can also submit ideas or look at the plan at terrebonnerefinementplan.com



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