ODOT gives eviction notices to homeless camp at Revere & Bend Parkway

A homeless encampment near Highway 97 will soon be no more because of a recent decision made by Bend officials.

The patch of empty land next to the Revere Avenue highway exit has been used by transient people as a place to stay for years. 

Peter Murphy with the Oregon Department of Transportation said ODOT, Shepard’s House and City and County officials made the decision together that the encampment needed to be cleared because the area has become a safety concern.

“It’s a matter of cleaning out an eyesore that doesn’t attract your visual attention away from your job of driving,” Murphy said. “In addition to that, there’s simply sanitation needs, and we’ve also heard about other activities taking place over there. As a transportation organization, mostly we’re concerned about the safety of folks who are driving in the area and that’s why we’re taking the action today.” 

ODOT is working with Bend Police to post notices on tents that say anyone who lives there has ten days to vacate and find somewhere else to live. After the ten days, crews will clean the area up, Murphy said.

ODOT has no plans to sell the plot of land or turn it into anything else, according to Murphy.


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