ODOT begins cleaning up camps at Parkway/Revere Ave. ramps


More homeless camps get cleaned up by ODOT on the Bend Parkway on Monday.

Last week it was the Colorado Avenue interchange.

Crews began cleaning up areas inside the Revere Avenue on- and off-ramps

And in both areas, many campers moved out before the clean-up crews moved in.

“It seems some of the people who were here vacated over the weekend. There were only three or four people when we arrived,” said Peter Murphy, Oregon Department of Transportation’s public information officer. “We have to sort through the material for what we think is personal property. We’ll take that over to the campus on Empire and we’ll hold on to it,” for 30 days.

Ahead of winter conditions, ODOT to clear Bend homeless camps

Last week, clean-up crews removed 16 tents from the Colorado Avenue Interchange.

So far this week, they’ve taken down 11 tents from the Revere Avenue Interchange.

“What we have here is both an on- and off-ramp and we’ll be plowing that area. What that will do is lift up cinders and dirt and who knows what and maybe hit some of these tents,” Murphy said. “That’s what’s driving us here. We want to make sure everyone is safe. That includes the people here, motorists and our own workers who have to get up and on the ramp.”

Murphy says clean-up and restoration work at Revere Avenue will continue into Tuesday.

No-trespassing signs are being posted in those areas.

Once installed, the signs authorize police to enforce no trespassing… which means law enforcement is empowered to remove people who try camping alongside the highway in the future.



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