▶️ ODFW receives multiple reports of wolf sightings in Terrebonne



Terrebonne resident Peter Coughlin was playing with his German shepherd in the backyard Thursday afternoon until something caught his eye.

“All of a sudden I see these two, what I thought were coyotes or dogs at first coming through at a brisk pace towards the east of our property,” Coughlin said. “Through the Juniper trees and sage brush.”

Once he found out another Terrebonne resident claimed to see wolves minutes later, Coughlin went looking for tracks.

“Since we had a lot of moisture recently,” Coughlin said. “Definitely leaves some good imprints.”

Wildlife biologist Andrew Walch says although it’s more common in other parts of the state, wolves occasionally come to Central Oregon and winter is a likely time for them to do so.

“So far, most every wolf report we get in Central Oregon is a transient wolf passing through,” Walch said. “Dispersing.”

Walch says the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife gets a few wolf reports per week in our region.

However, it’s tough to say how many are confirmed sightings because ODFW can’t always get to them all.

“On ones that seem likely and plausible,” Walch said. “We try to get out there and take a look and see if we can verify what was going on.”

Walch adds there was another promising report out of Terrebonne last week, and someone from ODFW will meet Coughlin to investigate his sighting.

You can report wolf sightings at ODFW.com/wolves.


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