ODF lifts additional restrictions for industrial operations


As of Friday, September 16, 2022, the Oregon Department of Forestry’s Central Oregon District will terminate the additional restrictions fire precaution order for industrial operations within the John Day and Prineville Units. 

All other fire season restrictions remain in effect for industrial operations. 

More information for these restrictions is available at  ODF’s website.

These guidelines are intended to reduce the risk of fire ignition, quickly detect fires and allow for a swift suppression response, according to ODF.

In conjunction with the termination of additional precautions, fire danger for the John Day Unit will move to HIGH on Friday. 

“It’s still Fire Season,” says John Day Unit Forester, “but this cooler weather really seems to have made a difference in how fuels are burning.” 

The public is reminded to remain vigilant in their actions to prevent wildfires.

Industrial Fire Precaution Levels (IFPL) in The Dalles Unit remain unchanged. 

MH-1 (located east of Highway 35 in Hood River and Wasco counties) is in IFPL 3 and MH-4 (located west of Highway 35 in Hood River County) is in IFPL 2.

Fire Season and Regulated-Use Closure are in effect across the Central Oregon District. 

Fire behavior, fuel conditions and forecasted weather are all considered when determining current fire risk and necessary wildfire prevention restrictions. 

Activities prohibited during fire season include smoking in forest operation areas, blasting without a permit, use of exploding targets and tracer ammunition. 

Backyard debris burning, including burn barrels is prohibited. 

Counties and local fire departments may have additional restrictions in place. 

ODF recommends checking restrictions in your local area to help prevent wildfires. 

Failure to follow Fire Season and Regulated-Use Closure restrictions can result in citations, fines and liability for costs associated with putting the fire out. 

ODF says wildfires impact public health, water quality, soil productivity, landowners and local communities and businesses.

For additional information on ODF’s Central Oregon District, including Regulated-Use Closure restrictions and contact information, you can visit ODF’s Central Oregon District website.


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