▶️ Ochoco National Forest among recipients of $3.3M for Oregon wildlife rehab


A Montana-based organization is giving $3.3 million to wildlife rehabilitation in Oregon.

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation allocated the funds to more than two dozen projects across the state. They include wildlife rehabilitation, habitat work and elk research.

Locally, the money includes funds for the Ochoco National Forest treatment on 4,500 acres winter ranges for elk.

“The beauty of their funds is that we’re not holding it anywhere. It’s going directly to the land to be implemented. So it’s 100% use. There isn’t any overhead taken off of it. It’s just going to do directly to the ground to do good restoration work,” said Monty Gregg, Wildlife Biologist with the Ochoco National Forest.

Another local organization receiving funds is the Mountain View High School Clay Target Club for supply funding.

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