▶️ Obsidian Middle School students pitch inventions for kids with disabilities


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Obsidian Middle School students in Redmond presented invention ideas meant to help students with disabilities on Friday. 

Ideas included customized and easier to handle silverware for a student named Madison who has cerebral palsy. Another group presented a stand for her tablet that would attach to Madison’s wheelchair. 

One group made a special paint pallet for a blind student named Sierah. 

“We had made a paint pallet that would have brail pegs that would pop in and out that would change the letter of braille so she could match the first letter of each color,” student Tessa Pedersen said. “It’s just something that we made with glue and duct tape really fast.”

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Technology teacher at Obsidian Middle School Steve Randall says the project’s purpose was to teach students how to use empathy to solve a problem.

“They interviewed students who had disabilities and through that interview process, they can put themselves in their shoes. That allows them to come up with better solutions for their problems,” Randall said.

The concepts will be sent to Ridgeview High School, where the design class will actually build some of the inventions. 


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