NWS reports a warmer, drier than normal April


Spring went ahead and sprung in April as the monthly high temperatures averaged nearly 5 degrees above normal, according to the National Weather Service.

High temperatures averaged 64.5 degrees at the Redmond Airport, 4.9 degrees above normal. The mercury reached 79 degrees on April 28 and 29th.

The average temperature was 47.2 degrees which was 2.9 degrees above normal. Low temperatures averaged 30.0 degrees, which was 0.9 degrees above normal. The lowest was 16 degrees, on the 2nd.

There were 17 days with the low temperature below 32 degrees.

Precipitation totaled 0.61 inches during April, which was 0.12 inches below normal. Measurable precipitation -at least .01 inch- was received on 6 days with the heaviest, 0.24 inches reported on the 5th.

Precipitation this year has reached 2.07 inches, which is 0.94 inches below normal. Since October, the water year precipitation at the Redmond airport has been 3.71 inches, which is 2.07 inches below normal.

The highest wind gust was 37 mph which occurred on the 29th.

The outlook for May from NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center calls for above normal temperatures and near normal precipitation.

Normal highs for the Redmond airport rise from 63.0 degrees at the start of May to 72.0 degrees at the end of May. Normal lows rise from 32.0 degrees to 39.0 degrees. The 30 year normal precipitation is 1.02 inches.


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