▶️ Nonprofit helping pets of the homeless gets big donation after Reddit post


An unexpected gift, beginning with a post on the internet.

“I just happened to open our CAMP email and saw a donation via PayPal for $2,000,” Bend resident Johannah Johnson said.

It all started when a friend of Johnson’s posted on Reddit about her nonprofit, called CAMP.

CAMP, which stands for Companion Animal Medical Project, is a Bend-based organization that provides free and on-site veterinary care to the pets of people experiencing homelessness.

“By us providing these services, providing access to veterinary care, we can ensure their family, their pet, is safe, and maybe that will allow them to focus on the needs they have for themselves,” Johnson said.

Those on Reddit were inspired by the organization’s mission, and CAMP received a sudden flood of donations this past week. One was a $2,000 donation from a single donor. Several other smaller donations totaled around $200.

“That may not be a lot of money to some organizations, but to us, we can do so much work for the community, so it’s really exciting,” Johnson said.

All of CAMP’s work is donation and volunteer-based, so with that money, Johnson said they can spay and neuter around 22 animals, or vaccinate up to 100 animals.

“Which to us is huge,” Johnson said.

And with that money, they can further this mission, which is to help homeless people keep their pets and keep them healthy.

“The love that people have for pets, it kind of just starts to show that everyone’s human,” Johnson said. “Everyone deserves love, everyone deserves companionship, and your unique experience shouldn’t dictate that.”

You can learn more about CAMP or donate here.


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