▶️ No need to nama-stay home; yogis taking extra precautions against COVID-19


Yoga isn’t the only way Kari Sims Anthon keeps her students healthy.

“We figure that we might as well be as proactive as we possibly can to help keep our students safe.”

The owner of Life. Love. Yoga. in Sisters is taking measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

“Some of the precautions we asked students to take, just in light of what’s going on right now, is to bring their own personal mats,” Sims Anthon said. “And then we’re just sanitizing all of our props, even more than normal.”

The temporary rule is not required, but heavily suggested.

And so far students have reacted well.

“I hadn’t even thought about using our communal blankets to warm up or the bolsters that we use as a prop, and I hadn’t thought about germs being on those items,” said yoga student Chrissy Snyder. And I walk in today and sure enough Kari is sanitizing, spritzing the blocks, and making sure that we’re all really as clean and healthy as we can be.”

Snyder says she is grateful for an instructor that cares as much as Sims Anthon does.

“It makes you feel like a million dollars, because someone else is really caring for you and looking out for you, and thinking about things you might not think about,” Snyder said. “Like door handles, and like I said, sanitizing the blocks, and just keeping everything fresh and clean. It’s really nice.”

Sims Anthon says she wants to give students peace of mind so they can focus more on their practice and less on COVID-19.

“I know that there’s been a lot of fear out there, and a lot of misinformation, and so we’re just letting our students know that we’re taking as many precautionary steps as we can to help keep them safe.”

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