▶️ No2Plastic Student Campaign Launches in Bend

By Brooke Snavely
Central Oregon Daily

A worldwide campaign to empower students to reduce use of plastics launched today in Bend and Denver.

Central Oregon Daily’s Brooke Snavely reports on a pledge drive conceived by a Bend resident with the goal of reducing plastic pollution around the world.

“The idea is to empower young people, to give them a platform to make a difference,” said Brown Cannon, Founder No2Plastic.org. “Single-use plastics have become a significant problem and I find that the voices of our youth are the most energizing voices of all.”

Kent Denver School in Englewood, Colorado and Bend High School are dueling today in the launch of the “No 2 Plastics campaign.” The schools are competing for student pledges to stop using single-use plastic products.

“There’s 3 boxes you can check. There’s ‘I will reduce single use plastic bottles, single use plastic straws and single use plastic cutlery.’ And you can check one, two or all three of them,” said Kira Gilbert, Bend High School Environmental Club

“We have a great group of students here at Bend High School that are concerned about environmental issues. This is an organization, No2Plastic, that we can work with where we can empower ourselves,” said Paul Hutter, a science teacher at Bend High. “The kids are able to take individual action. They can pledge to reduce use of single use plastic and actually make a difference today.”

No2Plastic founder Brown Cannon sees today’s students as tomorrow’s decision makers who will address plastic pollution if current leaders don’t.

Anyone can participate in the No2plastic challenge. Details are available at No2Plastic.org


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