Newest DCSO K-9 now has a name: “Copper”

The Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office’s newest, four-legged deputy now has a name: Copper.

Thousands of names were suggested and more than 2,600 people went to Facebook to vote on the Top 20. Copper came out on top with 870 votes from folks selecting it as their favorite name, many it was an homage to the dog in the movie “Fox and the Hound.”

“Other community members recommended this name based on the color of his fur,” said Sgt. William Bailey. “Additionally, the name could also refer the slang term “Cop” being short for Copper, which is said to originate from the copper buttons that officers once wore on their uniforms.”

Bailey said the sheriff’s office wanted to thank everyone who participated in the process.

“This is the community’s K-9 and the response that we got, and people suggesting names and being involved in the process was incredible,” Bailey said. “It just goes to show; it shows me, it shows the office, the community loves our newest K-9 and they look forward to his many years of service to the county.”

K9 Copper and his partner Deputy Donny Patterson will be in California this week, where they will begin their training together.



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