▶️ New year, New you? Fitness coaches say set realistic goals


It’s probably the most common New Years resolution there is.

Getting more exercise. Losing weight. Striving towards a healthier lifestyle.

“You know the New Year’s always one of those times where we want to better ourselves, I believe,” said Clint Davis, owner of Just Cut Organic Juice Bar and Fitness. “We want to do something better this year than we did last year. We want to accomplish more, be better parents, be a better business owner, be a better worker. So we think we can help people do that.”

Davis says he sees a 30-40% increase in new gym members every January.

Most looking to achieve some sort of fitness based resolution.

“We really help people set goals for themselves,” Davis said. “Whether those are 30 day, 60 day, or 90 day goals, weight loss or weight gain, or just building endurance and cardio. So we had solid programs in place to help people attain those goals.”

But it’s not uncommon for gyms to see a quick decrease in their “resolution members.”

“Generally speaking, without a really solid program in place with coaching and accountability, it’s normally about two to three weeks,” said Joseph Fonseca, owner and coach at Triumph Fitness.

Fonseca says people can get discouraged when they don’t see immediate results.

Instead, they should be focusing on small changes that can be seen.

“Really focus on the pants size and how the clothes are fitting differently.” Fonseca said. “Unfortunately the scale doesn’t change as fast as everybody wants it to, so focusing on the changes you can see, very important.”

Both coaches can agree that it’s all about setting positive habits for yourself…and remaining accountable.

“We all go through areas in life where we slow down. So having someone that’s going to help push you and go through it, but make it fun.” Davis said. “That’s super important, making it fun is super important. So when folks come in here and they’re having a good time, they tend to come back and be consistent.”

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