▶️ New transit plan approved for Redmond – with busses straying from routes and going door-to-door


The Cascades East Transit system serves thousands of people a year in Redmond through their Dial-A-Ride and inter community bus services.

This week, the Deschutes County Commissioners approved the final plans for a new deviated flex route in the city.

“The deviated flex route system will have some infrastructure, some stops, some time points, and it will allow the bus to deviate three quarters of a mile from it’s route to be able to pick people up as a door to door service and then come back to the route,” said Derek Hofbauer of Cascade East Transit.

CET is working with the city of Redmond planning staff to create the $565,000 transit system which is being funded through a  statewide transportation improvement fund.

The funding includes two routes and two buses on the deviated flex route.

The next steps will be to purchase buses and discuss the best ways to utilize the route.

Hofbauer says the new options will offer more options for those who rely on public transportation.

“Redmond is growing as are many of our Central Oregon cities. So having some transit options that are also aligning with some of the other transit options like bicycle and pedestrian improvements is a real benefit for the city of Redmond,” he said. 


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